Friday, April 9, 2010


Hey hey I'm back and in full effect fellow Hip Mommas! Don't fret either, I'll be here every Friday from now on! LUCKY YOU! This past month has been BUSY, to put it mildly. My son turned 2, my daughter started walking, my tween likes girls, and my 3 year old was confirmed in his diagnosis of Autism. All of these events occurring at the same time of a massive flare up of my health. Throw in the holiday and spring break and yes... it was BUSY! My health is besides the point when it comes to this blog however, I'm only mentioning it because it goes along with my topic, "Milestones."

When planning my now 2 yr. olds massive bash I went all out only to discover some of the novelty items I purchased for the party went unopened. LOL! It was a park party, which in my opinion are the best kind! Everyone had a great time including the guest of honor, Seven. I was reminded at the party of what great friends and family I have and all the contributions they make for my children it was awesome and humbling. A definite mile marker for me.

On the same day Seven turned 2, my daughter Hannah took her first step. Her first step on two feet and her first step into toddler hood. It was so bittersweet for me because I know this will be the last I will see this because she is in fact, my last baby. Her preferred means of getting around is still crawling which is perfectly fine!

I was however faced with the guilt of not having a massive blowout for her first birthday because I had just went all out for Seven's. I reminded myself over and over that she is not gonna remember and would prefer to eat cake in her highchair as opposed to having her whole routine messed up for something she isn't even aware. Please don't get me wrong, I'm all for big birthday bashes for the first birthday, that is when its your first kid. LOL, don't judge...

April is Autism awareness month and also the 2nd month that I became fully aware. I cant say that I'm sad about the diagnosis more than I can say I'm relieved. Relieved that he can get the help he needs now. Anyone who has ever met Isaac knows how special he is and what a great kid he is. Isaac is EXHAUSTING, but now I know I'm not alone. The love and support that has been shown from everyone even the unexpected touches my heart. Once again THANK YOU!

Zion likes girls. HAHA! I knew it was coming and now it has. He is all mysterious now and won't talk to me in the way he did before. Which in Hip Momma language must mean "it's a girl!" It makes me want to hold onto this last bit of childhood that Zion does share with me about his make believe fighting stories and characters on Naruto with an iron fist. It wont be long until that wont be cool anymore, and maybe neither will I.

Parenting is not easy. I feel the biggest reason for this is the milestones. With each one they are walking further away from us all while saying "Look Ma! No Hands!"

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