Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice Cold

I have an entourage. Granted the members of my entourage are my children. To them I am that cool. Ill take it.
A few days ago I got in a somewhat heated discussion with my 11 year old. He wants EVERYTHING and he wants it now. Deep down I want to give him what he wants but the mother in me stops me from doing so. I want him to think I'm the cool mom but when I told him "no" and he has to work for what he wants. Cool Mom, not so much. It was one of those heartbreaking moment we face as parents when we have to use tough love.
The definition of "Cool" changes as we grow and then even more when we become parents. I remember riding around when I was younger with music blasting and the windows down so others could here the song I was listening to. As if saying "Oh _____'s new album, yeah I got it." Now I ride around with SpongeBob, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Fresh Beats blaring in my car. My kids sing along, even Zion, and its a somewhat pleasant drive and that is ultra cool.
To my younger children I am sliced bread. I could be goin to the bathroom and they would want to be there because whatever it is that I'm doin has to be cooler than what they were doin. I find the humor in the fact that my 6th grader thinks I'm far from cool because in the 6th grade world that is what's cool.
So welcome to Hip Momma, my blog. Its an inside view of my chaotic life as a single Mom of 4 AMAZING and somewhat crazy children. I promise to be brutally honest and genuine. And that's Cool.

P.S. Once I get the hang of this my page will be a little more flashy...