Friday, April 16, 2010

Gamers Unite!

Much to my 11 year olds dismay I am not a gamer. Never have been really. The only reason I ever played board games with any of my children was totally for their benefit. I'm not sure if its a patience thing, a boredom thing, or what. The lack of enthusiasm only worsens when I think about video games. Zion has a torrid affair with video games which hurts my wallet. There has been quite a few times where I have spent a good amount of money only to have Zion come to me 30 minutes later to say the game wasnt what he expected. Ummmm its not like we can return it! Enter: Game Fly.

The perfect site for any gamer! For only $15.00 a month we can rent any game, keep them as long as we want, then pop them back into the mailbox and wait for our next pick. That whole thing of Zion discovering he doesn't like the game doesn't matter anymore. Plus for the Hip Momma on a budget I'd much rather shell out 15 bucks a month as opposed to one 60 dollar game! Check out the site! It's very user friendly and they are constantly running promotions such as "first month free" and etc...

When it comes to the 5 and under crowd I have found a gem of a game. Enter: Elefun.

This game is so cute! Also it takes the frustration of explaining the rules out because its so simple. My children think its magical. The rules of play are a cinch and it keeps them busy for a good 30 to 45 minutes. That's Hip Momma gold!

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