Friday, March 5, 2010


It's no secret, I'm a single mom. A very busy single mom. Every now and then I get in a rut because I get overwhelmed with all my motherly duties. The kids are all their own unique individual and require their own specifics. It goes as far as the sleeping arrangements and the starring role that I play between the hours of 8PM til about 6AM. None of my kids sleep through the night and they all wake up at different times. Often I find my 11 year old sneaking in a quick game while getting one of the others their midnight milk. I'm constantly on patrol.
What I have always found interesting is that I know I am employed at the hardest job of my life and it is in fact HARD! However, I wouldn't want it any other way. And just as it becomes soooo overwhelming that I feel as if I can't take another day of it something changes and its OK again. The weather maybe? I can't explain it but, we as our little family unit get back into the groove again. It's amazing.
It's a little short this week because I don't have much to report and things are pretty calm. Which is a GREAT thing. I also am proud to announce that Hip Momma has a home on the web now. Stay tuned because eventually ill be posting from the website. Now only if I could figure out what to do next with it! I'm learning halfheartedly on my own the ins and outs of web design for my blog so bare with me!