Friday, February 5, 2010

The not so perfect toy

I tend to always be on the lookout for the best toy that will keep my little ones entertained for more than 10 minutes and if im really lucky, a full half hour. so every Christmas I trudge out with the best of them searching... Every trip to Walmart/Target ( insert your super center of choice) I always take a cruise through the toy isles thinking that maybe this time I will find the mecca and my little ones will be enthralled with it for days on end. I have never had that luck. From what I can tell not too many of my fellow HipMommas have either. Recently I cleaned up and cleared out the playroom. Throwing away broken things. I call them "things" because clearly its a piece of a toy, but for which toy it is unknown. Anyways, I organized, shelved and decorated a happy place for my 2 toddlers and soon to be toddler-ette. Believe it or not a lot of the toys in there were Zions old ones.(Can we say hoarding Grandma?!? But, hey Thanks!) This revamping of the playroom is probably one of my best momma-moves in a long time. So score 1, make it 10 for the home team. What I have found to be rather interesting is that my kids could care less about all the expensive shiny things in there and prefer to dig out swimming goggles, old football helmets, and golf clubs. It got me to thinkin... even Zion has his pile of untouchable sticks outside in the corner of my yard. Zion is 11 so yes he prefers expensive things like XBox games, etc... But, more times than not I catch him playing with legos & hand made bow and arrows. The simplicity of kids is amazing, they will make ANYTHING fun. Why do we as parents always forget that a 100 bucks later? I can't even tell you that I will never buy an expensive toy again because lets face it, im a sucker for fads! Maybe I will just try to remember to read this post over again before my next outing to Walmart to remind myself that they are already having fun. Until next week...

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