Friday, February 26, 2010

Got the stuck-in-the-house blues???

So my original topic for this weeks post was 5 must haves for play days at the park but.... since my east coast readers are in the middle of an epic snowy winter I have decided to change the subject. Instead we will explore the must haves for days being shut in the house, which is helpful to all my Phoenix residents as well since none of us dare to be out doors once June rolls around.
Countless hours spent inside with your children will send even the hippest of Mommas running for the nearest asylum. Have you ever noticed that there is nowhere to hide either? The best thing we can do is embrace and remember that the children are bored, bored, bored! The same toys, games, TV shows don't cut it for the 10th time in a row. Our children are depending on us for a solution because well, its our jobs.

*Got housework? include your kids! Yes, yes at first it seems like more trouble than its worth, but think about if you didn't engage them to help out, they would just be underneath your feet getting in the way. So which would you rather have? I'm not talking about play vacuums, brooms and stuff. I'm talking about the real thing. I often detach my vacuum hose and let them have at it, even it takes them 30 min to clean a corner of the room. Kids always always think the real thing is better and the toy versions just don't cut it. With older children they could care less about cleaning but then again older children can entertain themselves easier and often steer clear when housework is being done in fear of they may be asked to do something.

*Build a fort! I know we all can agree that forts rock on so many different levels. Such simple construction too! All that is needed is a sheet (or 2 or 3) and some strategically placed furniture and ta-da! Once constructed the possibilities are endless! Remember all those toys, games, and TV shows that were old news? Suddenly they become waaaaaay cool again because they are being done from inside the fort. That's Momma magic right there! Older children can't resist a good fort either and really neither can we. Its nostalgic.

*Do something involving scissors and glue. Yes I know it sounds messy and maybe dangerous but that's half the reason we hardly ever do things involving scissors and glue. My house is all tile so clean up is pretty easy. For those of you with carpet just spread out in your kitchen instead. I'm not sure why but kids love cutting paper and gluing it. If you wanna be real daring and even more Hip, involve glitter.

*And finally, Do the unexpected! If you normally don't allow your kids in your bed with popcorn and a movie, do it! Or if you are a strict bath at night kind of Momma, put them in the shower in the afternoon with an umbrella or even in the bath with some bubbles that they can blow. At my house we have playroom picnics at mealtime which is always so so cool of me. My point is mix it up a little and go the extra mile for sanity. A messy room is not that big of a deal. I know I would rather be in a happy mess than a angry palace.

Well, good luck staying sane and remember bedtime does come eventually!

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