Friday, February 12, 2010

Its no longer "baby fat" when she turns 1!

Isaac, Seven, and myself 6 months pregnant.

Hannah is my little healthy chunk-a-chunk, with an appetite to match. I love her creases in her thighs and her pot belly that always causes her tees to roll up. After Seven, who is the toddler version of Gandhi,I welcome all things baby fat! That is, except for when it comes to myself. My biological fat clock is ticking. With the alarm set to go off April 6th (Hannah's 1st birthday). Where is it written that all baby weight gained should be off by the time baby turns one? And we have to commemorate the weight loss with birthday cake?!?! No fair!! And even though I don't know the source of this unsaid rule, I believe in it. After April I can no longer (in my mind) say see the baby? That's why... When I think about it I have basically been consistently pregnant for 3 years soooooo that means I have a 3 year grace period, right? Ill tell you one thing, Hip Momma to Hip Momma it was culinary heaven those 3 years. But, now is the time to reap (but not eat) what I sowed.
So I'm beginning the diet of the century again. Since its a new decade I will call it the diet of the decade that way I wont be reminded of past failed attempts every time I speak of it. I understand the self esteem stuff and that I'm beautiful no matter what and so on but enough is enough and I live in Phoenix which means its shorts and tank tops by March. Also I have one of the best components to dieting, a diet buddy and fellow Hip Momma. In other words, someone to whine to about how hungry I am. Partners in (hunger) pain.
I can't wait til her first birthday and it's for all the sentimental reasons of course! She is my last baby and my only girl. Princess Hannah is turning one. And the baby fat will be where it should be... on the baby!

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